Dec 13, 2007

The Birth of a Blog (and a Baby)

This is it. Our daughter was born on the 5th of October this year, and it took me this long to set this blog up. The purpose of these ramblings will mainly be to act as an outlet for my thoughts and also to entertain the occasional reader when possible. Mostly I will write about being a father and a parent, but wouldn't be surprised if the occasional odd topic slipped in. I will try to update at least every couple of days, if not daily. Since I didn't begin the whole thing right at the time of birth, I'll probably be writing a few "Previously in our lives" entries to recap what happened during the past couple of months. Although I feel I control the English language quite well, I do apologise in advance for any slipups. Go easy on me; I'm not a native speaker after all. This first entry is just a brief introduction and a test to determine what Blogger can do and how do I use the whole thing. So bear with me. I'll be back with more in no time. Sheesh, what a dry blog entry.

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