Dec 14, 2007

I, Father - A Brave New Identity?

Sometimes it feels I'm not me anymore. Well, at least not the same me I used to be for the first 27 and a half years of my life. As I looked at myself, I used to be so many different things. I used to be a musician, a singer. I used to be an athlete, a martial artist. I used to be a linguistics student and then a linguist, a translator. I could define myself with a whole bunch of different things.

Now it seems that I've become a dad. More and more often, as I look at myself, I see a dad, who used to do some other stuff at some points of his earlier life. Not that it's a bad thing, but how do I stand out from all the other dads? Is it even possible? If my main defining characteristic at the moment is "dad", where did all the other stuff go? Just popped out for a beer or something? Are they coming back or will I still be mainly "dad" on my deathbed?

Adjusting to a whole new role is difficult, but to shamelessly quote the tiny bit of text right below the page title, I'm learning as I go. And, after all, there are a lot of things that are difficult to learn, but people learn them anyway despite the fact that said things are next to useless. The language of the Klingon, gazillions of decimals of pi and what have you. At least I can actually hope to get something in return for my endeavours.

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