Nov 7, 2008

"The Rising Sun, centre for spiritual renewal"

Okay. This is just too much. Last night I found a flyer lying inside my apartment door. Some eager soul put it through my mail slot to offer me an "open Healing night". (All such concepts in this entry are rough translations from their Finnish equivalents, even though they actually had the word "Healing" in the Finnish flyer.) The "Rising Sun, a centre for spiritual renewal" wanted me to come and get free "energy treatment", "clairvoyant readings" and other essential services. 

For the flying spaghetti monster's sake, I thought I lived in a country where most of the new age kooks remained underground and within closed circles, safely away from the sane population. Oh, and the best part of the advertisement: The group does "mutual planetary light work" of all things. Apparently said procedure has something to do with "helping those in need".  

This kind of ignorance and hypocrisy makes my blood boil. Want to help those in need? Ever thought about doing some volunteer work or donating money to charity instead of conducting a deranged ritual that gives you false self-satisfaction at best? This is exactly the kind of thing I want be sure to tell my daughter about. Not about Rising Sun, the centre for spiritual renewal, but about critical thinking. I want her to know that nothing is true just because that's what the guy said.

Oh, they also do "aura photography and interpretation", "purifying meditation" and serve coffee. Good for them.


Mari, kollega maalta said...

Oy, there's life here! Fantastic.
Mikäs kumman keskus tuo tuollainen on? Mahtaako heillä olla kotikoloa in the internets? Jykä riemastuu aina tän tyyppisistä jutuista, haluaisin nähdä höyryn nousevan sen korvista, kun lähetän sille linkin.

sama kuin äsken said...

No niin, kvg jne. Löysin sivut heti.