Dec 18, 2007

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid As An Infant's Parent

1. "I'll just put her in the carriage for a nap. She'll sleep for about three hours, and I can use that time to get some work done."

Wrong. You can't. If you even consider getting something useful done while your child naps, she will wake up at least every five minutes to require comforting.

2. "I'll sit down at the computer to quickly check my e-mail/pay my bills/do something vital even though I'm carrying the baby. She won't mind."

Wrong again. She will mind, because for some reason your child hates every single location in the house where you would be able to do something useful with just one hand. My daughter hates the office for some unknown reason. Bad vibes, I guess.

3. "Thank god she's recently been sleeping peacefully at night. Therefore, I can get some well-earned sleep after this 14 hour workday."

Guess what? Wrong. If I didn't know my daughter doesn't do it on purpose, I'd swear she somehow senses when her parents are really spent, for it seems to cause her to either A) be really difficult to get to sleep or B) go to sleep so easily and so early that she wakes up at about 5 am.

4. "There's no hurry to get the fresh diaper on. She already did her stuff. How much more could there be?"

Sigh. I presume I don't need to elaborate on that.


Mizzy @ said...

This really made me laugh because I can relate to ALL of it! My daughter is about to turn 3 months in a few days and everything you listed is something I thought could happen. Yesterday I was SO spent that I just wanted to get a good night's sleep. What happened? She was up all night! LOL!

Good luck!!

Riksa said...

Good luck to you too. My daughter is still a couple of weeks away from the three-month marker, but essentially the same age. Still, the funny thing is, none of this could ever make me adore her less. Not by a long shot.

Ja Kel Daily (Jason) said...

- read a few of you articles (liked all your Dad articles) – yes children especially hate the office/computer since it takes the attention off them unless of course you have Thomas the Tank engine or LazyTown on the computer for them (our 18 month son old & 4.5 year old daughter). They sleep less and less all the way up to teenage then loads of sleep again.

Mari maalta said...

Riku hyvä, kirjoita lisää! Näitä on ilo lukea.